Congrats at planning your adventure elopement! You have already started off on the right foot. Let’s go over the top 10 questions our couples ask in the planning stage to make planning your adventure elopement stress free and get you one step closer to your elopement!!!

1. What type of scenery are you wanting?
Okay, this one is your first major step. Would you prefer the sand between your toes on the beach, that fresh mountain air next to all those giant rugged mountains, or saying “I do,” next to rushing beautiful waterfalls?

2. What season are you wanting to elope in?
Some places close in the Winter where others are only open in the Winter, so choosing your perfect season is important. Do you love playing in the snow, having a nice hike with a piping hot drink while you soak up the fall colors, or having an epic picnic among the wildflowers in Spring? There is no wrong answer here; all the seasons are amazing so make sure you know what you and your partner want to do and what seasons you can do it in!

3. How are you planning on making your big day official?
In Colorado you can do a thing called self-solemnization (which means you can get married just with the two of you). Where in other states you will still need an officiant and in some cases 1-2 witnesses. If you just wanted your elopement day to be the two of you, you still have a couple of options. One is that many elopement photographers have also become officiants, so that they can handle that portion for you. Another way you can manage the logistics is that you can do all the paperwork either before or after your elopement day in your hometown; this option is best, especially if you are eloping out of country.

4. What do you see for your perfect day?
Is it just the two of you, or do you want a few people? Are there any family members or best friends that you want to have by your side on your elopement day? Make sure you are both on the same page about who you want to share this intimate time with.

5. How do you see the whole day going?
What things do you want to make sure you do? Are you interested in doing a first look nearby your Airbnb or where you are staying? Does hiking hold an important place in your elopement? What kind of hike? Do you dream of saying your vows high atop the mountains? Keep in mind every step in your day; like what kind of lunch do you want? Do you want to do a picnic at your destination? Are you doing a first dance? Once you’re back at your Airbnb, how do you want dinner? Our favorite suggestion is having a private chef create you an amazing meal spectacle for the two of you. And once it’s all over, maybe you want to snuggle by a fire and stargaze. These are just some ideas of how to see your whole day, remember just because you are eloping doesn’t mean that every bit of that day isn’t important.

6. Do you want to do something you have never done before?
Some great ideas are – skydiving, taking a float plane to an alpine lake, horseback riding, and more. Remember, you get to curate your day to be unique to the two of you and perfect.

7. How do you see the ceremony going?
Are there any traditions important to you? At a loss of what kind of different ceremonies that you could do? Here are a couple different traditions you could add to make you ceremony special: hand fastening, sand ceremony, jump the broom, or creating a time capsule.

8. How long do you want your adventure?
Is your elopement day just one day? Two days? Or are you thinking this will be multiple day event and go right into your honeymoon?

9. How are you telling your family and friends?
Are you taking a picture with a “just eloped” sign and mailing them out to everyone? Do you still want to have a laid-back reception where your friends and family can celebrate your recent elopement? You can plan it as big or small as you want.

10. What do you want to wear?
Do you still want to get dressed up? You could wear a stunning white dress to get speckled with Sedona red rock dust (this is one of our favorite things!). Maybe you want to look sharp in a suite or tux. Or are you going to be a bit more casual? Think about if you are hiking up in your formal attire or if you will want to change at your destination. Keep in mind that higher elevations are colder, and you may want hand warmers or warm thermals under your attire.

Call of the Mountains Photography is a family owned and operated business with Kuria and Daniel as the lead photographers and Melanie as our office manager. We are extremely creative elopement and wedding photographers who love to travel and really get to know our couples. Not to mention we are nerds, artists, and metal heads.

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