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You Deserve Your Dream Wedding Day

Not What Everyone Thinks It Should Be

Do you have friends and family always asking when the big day is? What the plans are? How big is it? Where are you thinking? What vendors?

Yea… it can drain you. It shouldn’t be this way, and it doesn’t have to. Instead imagine…

  • Really enjoying every moment of your wedding without any of stress or drama.
  • Looking forward to your wedding with anticipation instead of anxiety.
  • Having your wedding day be about the two of you, not what your family and friends expect or want to see.
  • Getting to share truly intimate and special moments with each other. No betraying expectations, and free of anxiety from speaking in front of crowds.


THIS CAN BE YOUR DAY! It’s not imaginary, it doesn’t have to be a dream. We listen to what you want and help shape your wishes into reality.

What is an Adventure Elopement?

An adventure elopement can be different things to different people, but at the core it means forgoing the traditional wedding for a romantic outdoor experience. Celebrating what really matters: your love and dedication to one another. Let’s get back to the core of what a wedding should be about.

Whether you prefer long hikes, or an easy stroll on the beach, we will help you find the perfect location. We factor in your preferred landscape, weather, party size, hiking ability and more to help recommend locations and make your day epic.

Adventure elopements can be just the two of you and a few vendors, or you can include close friends and family, it’s your day your way. Contrary to what the industry wants you to believe, elopements are not about being cheap, or running away — it’s about bringing the focus back on the two of you. We won’t just be your photographers, we’ll be your guides, your planners, and your new best friends!

Your Adventure Photographers

Sup! We’re Kuria and Daniel — your rad, adventurous, and extremely nerdy photographer power couple.

Kuria got her start behind the camera at an extremely young age (around 4 years old) and kept it going through school, eventually graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Photography.

Daniel came into the picture during high school and together they explored a wide variety of creative outlets. You will find they are passionate not only for photography and the outdoors, but music, storytelling, painting, game design, cosplay, and crafting as well.

We believe life is better when you follow your passions, inspire and teach others, and create something truly awesome together!

How We Turn Dreams Into Reality For You

And Why Your Day Matters to us

From the first moment you contact us, we will give 100% to helping you plan, execute, and capture your special day! We love being involved in the entire process and are invested in your adventure.

From helping you find your perfect location for your elopement, to vendor recommendations — we strive to build you a truly unforgettable day. And we of course, document it all so you can share and reminisce for years to come.

We want to dedicate ourselves to making your day a blast, because that’s what we would want for ourselves. We’re an off-beat, creative, adventurous couple that wants to genuinely connect with the couples we work with. Honestly, we can’t help it. If you bring up something we are passionate about we will dive deep into that subject while we adventure together.

Sound Like We're the Ones for You?