Preparing for your adventure elopement photos can be extremely fun! There are a lot of things to consider like what season you want your elopement in, what activities you are interested in, and what you are going to wear.

When thinking about what to wear you should consider what style you are going for in your elopement. Are you going for more of a light and airy boho look, a dark and moody, or just simple and rustic? All are great options, it just depends on what suits you best as a couple.

No matter what style you go with, you should also make sure that you’re dressing in something that is comfortable to you. If you aren’t comfortable in what you’re in, it shows! Imagine if you are in an itchy sweater, it might look amazing on you, but you’ll hate every second that sweater is on, so you will want to rush the photoshoot instead of focusing on having fun on the photoshoot and wanting it to never end.

Take into consideration the amount of hiking that you are going to be doing and make sure that the attire that you are wearing will still be good to go up and down a mountain (or consider if you will be making an outfit change in your final location).

Which season you choose to do your elopement can drastically change what you should wear, but whether you are choosing Summer or Winter you will always want to bring layers. A beautiful sunny day on the beach can still be cold if you have a strong breeze coming off the water. Bringing a long sleeve shirt or light jacket can help combat that chilly breeze. There are great shawls or faux fur wraps that look awesome with wedding dresses for your winter elopements (or on the top of the mountains, where it is cooler). Weather can also change fast; from rain and snow to cloudy skies burning off into clear sunny days. You really need to prepare for everything when picking what season to do your photos in — here’s looking at you spring!

Accessories bring out your uniqueness to any outfit or scene. On the outfit side, some great things to spice up outfits would be scarves, cowboy boots, battle jackets; things that really show off your style. Some great accessories we have seen are people bringing wood signs saying “Just Married”, bringing hiking poles they have used on many hikes, and other things special to your relationship. Just remember accessories are there to make your shoot yours and add your unique flare to your photos!

Need creative ideas on what to do for elopement photos to show your passions as a couple? Have you considered doing a nod to your cosplay interests? Adding a subtle flair like wearing a Superman shirt under your dress shirt and having a few shots with you showing it off. Just remember the main thing about your elopement is to capture you as a couple so if you’re nerdy, be nerdy! If you are really into skiing then create an elopement that will reflect that and dress the part, get an awesome dress (get a nice warm pair of nude fleece lined tights and a cool white jacket) and rock that dress down the mountain. There is no right or wrong way to get married. It is all about you – so be you!

Here is a small checklist on what to bring.

  • Trinkets important to your relationship. Like jewelry (this is a great way to include family through passed down jewelry), things that brought you together as a couple, gifts for one another.
  • Your outfit change if you are doing one.
  • Those layers ie: gloves, jackets, scarves, or shawls.
  • An umbrella for all those rainy destinations or a sun umbrella for bright locations.
  • Are you going to a place where you can swim? Bring a swimsuit.
  • Snacks and/or a lunch depending on where you are going and how long you will be out, picnics are always a blast!
  • Extra shoes if the ones your hiking/walking in will be different than the ones your photographing in.

Call of the Mountains Photography is a family owned and operated business with Kuria and Daniel as the lead photographers and Melanie as our office manager. We are extremely creative elopement and wedding photographers who love to travel and really get to know our couples. Not to mention we are nerds, artists, and metal heads.

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