Choosing a location is my absolute favorite part of planning any type of photo shoot! From the forests to the deserts, and the mountains to the sea, I just really love traveling to all sorts of different places. I actually spend quite a lot of time researching the perfect places to go.

The main things you should consider when thinking about where you want to have your photos taken are how accessible do you want it to be, how secluded it is, and what scenery do you picture in your mind. Don’t forget to pick the season as well; as that will drastically change where you can go at what time of year.

Maybe you really like beaches; something about all those romantic novels with that man on a white horse sweeping you off your feet. Or maybe it’s just that you like tide pools, surfing, and sunbathing. There are many types of beaches all over, and Washington is known for its rocky beaches full of marine wildlife; whereas California is home to the perfect sandy beaches and even a glass beach! Something to always keep your eye on when on the beach is the tide change. There are some hikes and spots on beaches that can only be accessed at low tide, and don’t forget and get trapped by the tide!

As we are talking about sand, let’s move on to the glorious deserts. I personally love the deserts for the dry heat, the fact that you can see for miles, and the flora fascinates me. If you agree with me and love the desert for whatever reason, you rock! Deserts can be flat, hard, and dry valleys or covered in gigantic swift moving sand dunes. They can get crazy hot so remember to bring more water than you think you’ll need. Also pro-tip: the deserts bloom in February and it’s beautiful (cacti look amazing with flowers)!

Then you have one of my favorite places on earth; the mountains. Whether you are taking a float plane out to an alpine lake or hiking to an epic mountain vista; mountains make stunning backdrops. Crisp mountain air, serenity, and birds chirping all around. Peaks overlooking vast valleys, views where the tree lines end, or glaciers that have stood the test of time; there are many types of amazing views the mountains can bring. Important things to go into the wilderness would be comfortable backpacks, lots of water, and satellite phones if you are hiking out to somewhere with little to no cell signal.

If you love your tree canopies so thick the sun barley dapples through, forests are certainly your happy place. There are many types of forests to get lost in, the dense mossy rainforests, ginormous sequoia groves, or sparse foggy forests with hills and rocks. Forests make great engagement shoot locations because they have such depth to them, and you never know what wildlife you will run into. Another great thing about the forest is it works in any season; covered in fresh snow, changing fall color, and luscious with new growth in spring and summer. Literally any weather is good weather in the forests!

Canyons are vast beautiful landscapes created by tens of thousands of years through erosion (nature is destructive and beautiful!). Also canyons can vary quite a lot from the wide open Grand Canyon to the thin Antelope Canyon, but they all are amazing places to be with your loved one. The ancient history of these canyons are amazing, and the beautiful color of the red rock is unlike anywhere else. A great tip if you are going to the canyons or any great place with red rock, expect that red rock dust to be found all over your socks, shoes and bottom of your pants/dress by the end of the adventure.

So as a recap, there are tons of amazing types of places to go in the world. Whether you are traveling near or far to get there, a beautiful landscape is always a great place to do photos. Just remember the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles! Now you can pick a landscape you want to look back on and remember as a beautiful trip you took with your loved one, and keep in mind all the great tips of what to bring with you depending on where you are going!

Call of the Mountains Photography is a family owned and operated business with Kuria and Daniel as the lead photographers and Melanie as our office manager. We are extremely creative elopement and wedding photographers who love to travel and really get to know our couples. Not to mention we are nerds, artists, and metal heads.

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