People often do adventure sessions on top of mountains, in forests, and at the beach, but have you ever seen one inside a cavern 250 feet below the Earth’s surface? Brennan and Brandon had the epic idea of going to Skyline Caverns for an adventure session. Brennan went there when she was a kid and thought it would be a unique place to revisit for photos. We totally loved this idea! I had never done photos in a cavern before. IT WAS MAGICAL!!! The way they already had the caverns lit was breathtaking and really showed off the formations. As technology has become better over the years we can also now use flash in the caves; something you weren’t allowed to do a few years ago.

Brennan and Brandon met us at Skyline Caverns ready for adventure and dressed “spooky romantic” which is my favorite way to explain this adventure session. Waiting for our tour time to come, we ventured through the touristy shop laughing and sharing stories of when we were kids. How we would always want these crazy things from places like this; shark teeth, fools gold, excavate your own dinosaur bones… wait was that last one just me? Sonny, our tour guide for the evening, came out, brought us downstairs, gave us some history on the cavern and the real adventure started!

Looking up from the belly of the cave you can see an astonishing amount of stalagmites and narrow pathways hanging from above. We ducked under low walls and were careful not to touch the sides, as we explored and learned the rich history of the caverns. From seeing capitol dome and the wishing well, we traveled deep into the cavern to the wide open room they call the cathedral. We all got to see some pretty amazing formations, and Brennan even got to hit a formation they call the tuning fork, which makes different tones depending on where you hit it. As we went deeper into the cave all our puns and cave jokes got worse. Sonny always started it off and the rest of us just couldn’t help but chime in with more! Movement may have been limited on the path here and there, but it was totally worth the visit.

If you are into geology, enjoy fascinating cave crystals, and stalactites and stalagmites, you should seriously consider adding a fun cave tour to your elopement day. They are frequently found near other cool areas to hang out! For example, Skyline Caverns and many of the caverns in Virginia surround Shenandoah National Park. The unique thing about Skyline specifically is that they are one of 3 caverns in the US that have anthodite crystals. Anthodite crystals are these awesome little spiky, white crystals that grow in a vacuum in the cavern. They are like crystal cave sea urchins and they are pretty freakin’ stunning!

While we were there we thought the caverns would be a great opportunity to play with our full spectrum camera. A full spectrum camera is a camera that has been “fixed” so it can capture photos using light from infrared to UV spectrums. The cool thing with using this camera in a cavern is that it can see more light than other cameras and can take super wild pictures.

Fun fact you can actually get married in Skyline Caverns! Many caverns all over America are open for weddings which can make for quite the unforgettable background to your intimate wedding/elopement day.

Call of the Mountains Photography is a family owned and operated business with Kuria and Daniel as the lead photographers and Melanie as our office manager. We are extremely creative elopement and wedding photographers who love to travel and really get to know our couples. Not to mention we are nerds, artists, and metal heads.

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