Adventure Elopements

What they are and how we capture your special day


Contact us to talk about your perfect elopement

We’ll start with answering any questions you may have and learning about you, your partner, and how you both envision a perfect adventure together. Let us know any ideas you may have, preferences, and just a bit of who you are — so we can start building a perfect day for you!

Reserve your date(s)

Then all you need it to pick a date — or dates depending on what you are planning. You don’t even need a solid location, just a general idea of where, like Washington, or Iceland. Of course, it’s okay if you already have something specific in mind!

We will work with you to plan your big day

This is where we email and call back and forth to get all the details ironed out with you. We’ll help you find the perfect spot, recommend vendors, and plan a day that is all about you. Over the calls and messages, we’ll get to know more about each other, so we can really understand how to make your day special.

We go adventure and capture your day

The day finally comes and we of course tag along to help make it all happen and capture lasting memories for the two of you! You’ll have plenty of time to do your own adventure, create your own special moments (whether that means romantic, adventurous, crazy, or all the above). And we will be guiding and encouraging the two of you, while also snagging some great images from behind the camera.

Remember the day forever with awesome photos

We focus on getting the photos to you ASAP so you can share with your friends and family — and enjoy the photos yourself of course!

Work with us to craft your dreams


We have been involved in the wedding industry for quite a while now, and we’ve seen people at their best, worst, and everything in between. Life can be difficult, but also beautiful. We choose to help people create those beautiful moments. Passion fuels us to create those sparks of life that you will remember for a lifetime.

We are deeply involved in your elopement, because your day means more to us than just the photos. Sure, we’re passionate about photography, but more than anything we want your day to be unforgettable. Photos mean nothing, if you look at the photos and can’t relive that day.

At the end of the day, we want you to look back and cherish every moment of your elopement. Years down the line, find yourself opening that photo album and tearing up when reliving that moment. 

How Long is an adventure elopement?

All day long (or even more)

That’s right, all freaking day! Why? Well why do you think you deserve any less time, joy, or photos than a ‘standard’ wedding? When you look back to the big day, do you want to remember just an hour or a whole day packed with silly, heartwarming moments at a stunning location?

With normal weddings, you want to pack extra time in your timeline for delays, issues, and more. We suggest doing the same for your adventure elopement. Why? Because along the hike, maybe you find a great waterfall or a nice hidden outcropping? You will want time to explore and feel at home in nature (while we are snagging some awesome shots of course). You shouldn’t feel rushed on your adventure — let’s keep it filled with enjoyment, love, and exploration.

More than just photographers

We're your guides and new best friends

We’re there with you from the moment you start talking to us. Everything from picking your location, providing advice, having all the backup stuff you need — we have you covered. Also, it’s not like we will be standing there just snapping pictures and telling you how to pose. We genuinely want to know you both and your interests. Also, we have a sense of humor and we are not afraid to share it.

Our goal is for you to be comfortable, and relaxed so you can really enjoy your amazing day. We’ll encourage your crazy ideas and we are more than happy to throw in some of our own. If we can’t find something to discuss throughout the day with you, it would be surprising. We’re interested in everything from outdoors and history, to music (wild sub-genres) and board games. I also hope you enjoy terrible puns and jokes, cause we’re full of them.

What to expect from us on your adventure

Our Photography Style

We focus on capturing everything from the intimate moments with tears flowing — we’ll probably tear up with you — to when your laughing and playing along the adventure. We also love getting those wide landscape shots with you two in the distance, and some without you in them — you’ll get those too, don’t worry. If anything catches your eye during the adventure or you have an idea, please let us know; we are happy to snap away and try any ideas you may have. If you are with us at night, we will definitely recommend doing some astrophotography portraits (portraits under the stars) or while a nice fire is going for s’mores.

How prepared are we?

Very! Extra clothes for warmth up in the mountains? Check. Hot hands? Oh yeah. First aid kit, with everything we need! Hopefully, but we learned you can’t carry an entire hospital with you (but seriously we are armed with a first-aid kit and know how to use it). Extra water, snacks, safety pins, and more are always with us on hikes. Oh yea, and for those darker hikes either up or down the mountain, we’ve got you covered with headlamps!

How we handle posing

First off, we know posing always scares a lot of people, and especially our more introverted crowd (as much as it doesn’t sound like it, we’re introverts ourselves). We get it! We’re laid back about posing and will only make subtle suggestions. For the most part we will be talking and making jokes to keep things fun and light (I hope you like bad puns, we have a lot of them). The moments where you are natural, whether you are laughing and playing, or crying are the ones we strive to capture!

Info & Guiding

We’ll work with you to find the perfect location(s) for your adventure elopement. In addition, we will research into locations around the area, for backup plans. We always check closures, weather, and more before the day, however surprises may happen and we want to make sure that we are prepared to make your day awesome, no matter what happens. In addition, we will give you vendor recommendations and give you ideas of what is possible on your day. If anything comes up, we will inform you and we can plan around it together with you.

Let's Get Started Planning!