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Sup! We’re Kuria and Daniel — your rad, adventurous, and extremely nerdy power couple! Kuria got her start behind the camera at an extremely young age and kept it going through school, eventually graduating with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts Photography. Daniel came into the picture during high school and together we explored a wide variety of creative outlets. You will find that we are passionate, not only for photography and the outdoors, but music, story telling, painting, game design, cosplay, crafting and many other fun subjects. We believe life is better when you follow your passions, create something truly awesome, and work to inspire and teach others!

We have always been passionate about wedding and nature photography, and decided to ‘marry’ the two of them together into adventure elopements — yes the jokes and wordplay are always this bad. Over the years we have photographed a variety of weddings, and they are beautiful in their own way, many end up being rushed or feel more like performing for your friends and family. We want you to be happy ALL the way through your wedding day, and we have found elopements provide the least amount of stress and the most amount of fun. Plus adventure elopements, and intimate weddings are very unique and feel truly special to you, verses a wedding which may quickly become less of a day about you as a couple and turn into something out of your hands.

In addition to Daniel and Kuria, we have Melanie; the one who holds down the fort. Melanie raised and encouraged Kuria to have all of the passion for art that she has. Melanie focuses on being the initial point of contact to get you hyped up for your adventure and help give you tons of good ideas. Call of the Mountains is a family run business and you will end up getting to talk and know all three of us throughout your elopement and it will be one wild ride.

Meet the Team

Portrait of Kuria Jorissen while walking on the Big Four Ices Caves Trail

Kuria Jorissen


I’m the founder and lead photographer! I went to the Art Institute of Seattle and graduated with a BFA in photography. My thesis was on what’s called Astrophotography, which became a super fun project for me that has continued on the Art tab of the website. My favorite pastime is to read art books and sketch in my travel journal. I’m artsy, nerdy, and have a large collection of working antique cameras. Yes I still shoot film, I even develop it all myself.

Daniel George


I joined in later, but it was inevitable, being Kuria’s fiance (over 10 years, planning to adventure elope soon of course). I’m the crazy web designer/developer, IT, secondary shooter, lighting assistant, resident expert on everything nerdy; the titles go on. I love everything gaming, from console to tabletop RPGs. Feel free to talk to me about anything that falls under nerdom from animation and D&D to particle physics and my love for the most wild music genres (folk metal, rhythmic noise, death country, etc.).

Portrait of Daniel George while walking on the Big Four Ices Caves Trail
Portrait of Melanie Jorissen while walking on the Big Four Ices Caves Trail

Melanie Jorissen


I have been in the art business for many years so when my daughter asked if I’d join her team I, of course, said yes. I am the on-site graphic designer and main contact at Frozen Sentiments. My pastime is reading fantasy novels and any art form I can get my hands on. From the ancient art of paper quilling to encaustics, I love everything artsy!

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